Temporary Program

Cistrome Meeting Program


We are soliciting talks for the Cistrome meeting. If you would like to give a talk, please email myles_brown@dfci.harvard.edu and xsliu@jimmy.harvard.edu with the following information: title, author(s), short abstract (~100 words), intended session.


Preconference Workshop: Jimmy Fund Auditorium, DFCI.

Thur 5/31/07 morning


Lunch and sponsor material distribution


Conference: Thur 5/31/07 afternoon, Fri 6/1/07. Jimmy Fund Auditorium, DFCI.


Thur 5/31/07 afternoon, New development in ChIP-chip techniques and data analysis


Fri 6/1/07 morning, ChIP-chip biological findings


Fri 6/1/07 afternoon, Other tiling array applications